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Article 1 Preamble
Article 2 Purpose of Provisions
Article 3 Recognition
Article 4 Gender Clause
Article 5 Employees' Representatives Pension, Pay and Benefits
Article 6 Restoration of Employees' Representatives
Article 7 Union Check Off
Article 8 Continuity of Service to the Public
Article 9 Grievance Procedure
Article 10 Arbitration
Article 11 Management Rights
Article 12 Discipline
Article 13 Layoff Procedure
Article 14 Vacations
Article 15 Holidays
Article 16 Free Transportation
Article 17 Benefits
Article 18 Bereavement Pay
Article 19 Pensions
Article 20 Disability Pensions
Article 21 Occupational Disability
Article 22 Workers' Compensation Supplement
Article 23 Compliance with Other Regulations
Article 24 Paydays
Article 25 Overtime - Salaried Employees
Article 26 Night Premium
Article 27 Parental Leave
Article 28 Medical and Dental Appointments
Article 29 Longevity
Article 30 Payment for Training Time
Article 31 Seniority
Article 32 Court/Jury Duty Leave
Article 33 Employee Communication
Article 34 TEAM Incentive Program
Article 35 Printing
Article 36 Duration of Conditions
Article 1 Definitions
Article 2 Seniority
Article 3 Picking Work
Article 4 Change in Runs Between Picks
Article 5 Move Ups and Move Backs
Article 6 Make Up of Runs and Trippers, All Schedules
Article 7 Bonus Allowance and Premium Payments
Article 8 Overtime
Article 9 Qualifying for Other Transportation Work
Article 10 Cancellation of Assignment
Article 11 Report Pay
Article 12 Extra Board
Article 13 Missing
Article 14 Uniforms
Article 15 Yard Work
Article 16 Reporting to Claims Department or Court
Article 17 Fare Collection and Change Making
Article 18 Chartered Service
Article 19 Eye Examinations
Article 20 Part-Time Operators
Article 21 Dispatchers and Service Quality Supervisors
Article 1 Overtime - Hourly Paid Employees
Article 2 Work Week
Article 3 Part-Time Bus Hostlers
Article 4 Emergency Call-Out
Article 5 Seniority and Classification List Posted
Article 6 Displacement
Article 7 Work Clothing
Article 8 Tool Allowance
Article 9 Fill-In
Article 10 Special Provisions for Separate Non-Operating Departments
Article 11 Classification and Regrading of Non-Operating Employees
Article 12 Safety Shoes and Safety Glasses
Article 13 Department Picks
Appendix A Rates of Pay
Appendix B Wage Rates
Appendix C Paratransit Work Rules
Appendix D Work Rules and Provisions Applicable to Community Circulator Operations
Appendix E Rules Governing Operation of the Extra Board
Summary List of Side Letters of Agreement

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