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ATU Local 268 Contract
Article 1. Overtime - Hourly Paid Employees
Section 1. Daily - Work in excess of 8 hours in a 5/8 week or 10 hours in a 4/10 week shall be paid at time and one-half.

If an employee misses a work assignment as the result of an absence, the RTA, at its option, shall be permitted to deny the employee overtime for the next seven (7) days. For the purpose of this section, absence shall be defined to include sick time and any unpaid absences.

Section 2. Weekly - Overtime at one and one-half (1-1/2) times the hourly rate shall be paid for all hours of work or parts thereof in excess of forty (40) straight time hours of work in any one week. However, in no case, shall an hour which has been recognized as an overtime hour for one purpose be considered as an overtime hour a second time.

Section 3. Overtime on Day Off - Overtime shall be paid at the rate of time and one- half for work done within the basic eight-hour day on an employee’s day off, when such work is done at the Authority’s request.

Article 2. Work Week
The basic and guaranteed work week for all non-operating employees shall consist of five (5) consecutive days of eight (8) hours each. Wherever practicable, the basic work- week shall begin on Monday and continue through Friday. Rail mechanics hired after September 5, 2017 can be scheduled for work any five consecutive days.

Article 3. Part-Time Bus Hostlers
Section 1. The Authority shall be permitted to hire 30 part-time hostlers based on its needs. The addition of the part-time hostlers will not directly result in the loss of full-time hostler positions.

Section 2. Part-time hostlers shall be covered by the following provisions:

  1. Part I, Article 1 through 11;

  2. Part-time hostlers shall not accrue system or grade seniority while so employed;

  3. A part-time hostler who applies and is accepted for full-time employment shall accrue system seniority as of the date of his/her full-time employment date;

  4. Part-time hostlers shall not be eligible for paid leave and fringe benefits applicable to full-time hostlers except as specifically provided herein. Part-time hostlers shall be entitled to receive vacation pay as per Part 1, Article 12 herein, on a pro rata basis (based upon the average number of hours worked by such employee in the previous year) and the health care contribution provided for in Part I, Article 15.

  5. Part-time hostlers shall be provided free transportation privileges for themselves only; and

  6. Part-time hostlers are eligible for the winter outerwear provisions as outlined in Part Ill, Article 7 of the contract.

Section 3. Part-time hostlers shall not work more than thirty (30) hours per week.

Section 4. Part-time hostlers shall be paid at the same hourly wage rates as full-time hostlers, subject to the hiring progression. For purposes of applying the hiring progression to part-time hostlers, two thousand and eighty (2080) hours worked shall be credited as one (1) year. Part-time hostlers will move to Step 1 of the full-time hostler step progression effective August 31, 2017.

Article 4. Emergency Call-Out
Section 1. When emergency call-outs to non-operating employees are made, such employees shall be paid the time, not to exceed one (1) hour, elapsing between the call-out and the actual report time. This time shall be counted as part of any minimum hours for emergency call-out requirement and is paid at the straight time rate.

Section 2. When emergency call-outs are made to non-operating employees on a holiday, such employees shall be paid for such work at the time and one-half rate without prejudice to their right to receive their normal holiday pay.

Section 3. When there is an emergency (as determined by the Authority), the Authority shall provide a meal for those employees required to work because of the emergency after two (2) hours in excess of an eight (8) hour day. The Authority shall also provide a meal for each additional four (4) hours thereafter.

Article 5. Seniority and Classification List Posted
A complete list shall be posted in the outside garages and shops and at the headquarters of the Facilities Maintenance and Power Departments showing the name of employees, their classification and grade, and date of employment for all employees working at those respective places.

Article 6. Displacement
An employee who is displaced from his/her hpme location for lack of work shall be entitled to return to that location when a vacancy occurs in the employees job Classification before any new employee is hired into that job classification at that location.

Article 7. Work Clothing
Section 1. The Authority will provide ten (10) sets of laundered work clothing every two (2) weeks to permanent mechanical employees whose duties are of such nature as to require them to wear clothing to protect them against grease and grime. Each set of work clothing will consist of one (1) shirt and one (1) pair of trousers. Employees will be considered eligible to receive such clothing when certified by their department heads and approved by the DGM Operations.

Section 2. Employees in the following classifications who spend a majority of their time working outside during winter months shall be entitled to an $85 annual allowance, payable within one monthof the pick or assignment. It is understood that this allowance is limited to those employees who pick or are assigned outside work at the time the winter picks or winter assignments are made. RTA will issue the allowance checks within thirty (30) days after the winter pick.

Job Classification
450 & 550
453 & 653
Rail Janitors (outside crew only)
Part-time Hostlers
Laborers (Flag Persons)
Service Monitors
Laborers (Track: Laborer)
Maintenance Helpers (Facilities Maintenance)
Equipment Maintainers (Mobile Truck Unit)
Signal Maintainers
Track Maintainer
Line Maintainers
Maintainers (Facilities Maintenance)
Stop Sign Maintainers
Money Handlers
Maintenance Technician (Facilities Maintenance)
Maintenance Leader (Facilities Maintenance)
Special Equipment Operator/Mechanic
Signal Technician
Lead Signal Technician
Assistant Track Supervisor
Special Equipment Operator/Mechanic Leader

Article 8. Tool Allowance
Section 1. All employees in Grade Four or higher who are required by the Authority to furnish a set of tools used in the performance of their work shall receive an annual allowance of $350.00 for maintenance and replacement of such tools.

Section 2. Any employee promoted to a Grade Four job who is required by the Authority to furnish a set of tools used in the performance of that job shall receive a tool allowance pro-rated from the effective date of the promotion.

Section 3. Grades 445 and 551 shall also be eligible to receive a tool allowance.

Article 9. Fill-In
Whenever a non-operating hourly rated employee is requested by Management to fill-in for an employee in a higher classification, and such employee performs the work of the higher classification, he/she shall be paid the rate of the beginning step of the higher classification but no less than seventy-five cents ($75) per hour above the employee’s regular rate of pay, for the hours that he/she fills in as requested.

Article 10. Special Provisions for Separate Non-Operating Departments
Section 1. Equipment Department

  1. Wash-Up: Employees shall be allowed ten (10) minutes per day to put tools away and wash up.

  2. Vacancies: When a vacancy occurs in any classification at any garage, employees within that classification shall be allowed to transfer within the grade, providing this is done on a seniority basis.

  3. Picking Work Schedules: Employees shall have the right of selecting their work schedule at each garage, the day shift, the afternoon shift or the night shift, according to their seniority and their respective classification. They shall have the right of selection four (4) times a year in March, June, September and December.

  4. Vacation Picks: All Grade Four (4) and Five (5) hourly employees will be combined at each work location; and, using Equipment Department seniority only, a maximum of fifteen percent (15%) of these people will be permitted off during any vacation period (except for the months of January, November and December when a maximum of fifteen percent minus one (15% - 1) employee will be permitted off). In addition to the above, one (1) salaried employee and up to two (2) vehicle serviceman or hostlers, depending on staffing needs, will be permitted off during any given vacation period.

Section 2. Power and Facilities Maintenance Departments

  1. Work Canceled: When employees are required to report for work and such work is canceled because of weather or for such other reasons not their own, the employees so reporting shall be paid for one and one-half (1-1/2) hours.

  2. Emergency Call-Out Minimum: Hourly rated employees called from home for emergency work without prior notice shall be paid a minimum of four (4) hours pay time if they report.

  3. Day Employees Working Nights: Day employees in Facilities Maintenance temporarily assigned to do night work shall not be compelled to lose a day’s pay by virtue of the change. In the event an employee is scheduled to work two shifts in a 24-hour period, employees shall be paid time and one-half for the second shift, provided that this shall not be applicable to cases where employees are sent home and later called out at night for emergency work.

  4. Sanitary Facilities: Paper and soap shall be furnished road crews of the non- operating departments.

  5. Pay for Laborers Assigned as Compressor Operators: Laborers assigned to the duties and responsibilities of compressor operators shall be paid for said work hours at a rate 20 cents higher than the top laborer rate.

Article 11. Classification and Regrading of Non-Operating Employees
Section 1. Regrading of Employees: Representatives of employees in the non-operating departments and representatives of management shall meet jointly every three (3) months for the purpose of considering employees in the classified service.

Section 2. Classification of Employees: No employee in the non-operating departments, including foremen and supervisors, shall be required as a regular practice to work outside of his/her classification.

Section 3. Employees classified as a Grade 442 with greater than six (6) months’ service in that classification shall be entitled to take a test for job openings in Grades 446 and 447. Selection for such job openings shall be based on the order of test scores. In the event of identical test scores, seniority shall govern. Test score results shall be valid for up to 2 years. All employees in Grade 442 who have completed two (2) years of service in that position will be automatically elevated to Grade 447. Employees who advance to Grade 447 will receive credit for service in Grade 442. Employees who advance from a Grade 442 to a Grade 447 will receive credit for the time that they spent as a 442 for wage progression purposes only. Classification seniority will commence with the date of entrance to the Grade 447.

Article 12. Safety Shoes and Safety Glasses
Section. 1. The Authority will reimburse employees required by Management to wear safety shoes on a three (3) year basis. The reimbursement amount shall not exceed $180 for the duration of the contract, and shall be paid upon submission of original purchase receipts.

Section 2. Eligible employees in active pay status shall be entitled to reimbursement for prescription safety glasses. Eligible employees are those non-operating employees that are required to wear safety glasses as determined by the Authority. Prescription safety glasses will be discounted at a maximum of $30.00 every 2 years by the optical vendor identified for bargaining unit employees.

Article 13. Department Picks
Section 1. The following classifications shall be permitted a “pick” of job, location, or shift assignment:

  1. Telephone Operator/Information Clerk Grade 3 (quarterly)

  2. Maintenance Helper Grade 3 (twice per year)

  3. Maintenance Grade 5 (twice per year)

  4. Maintainer Grade 4 (twice per year)

  5. Stock Clerk/Truck Driver Grade 3 (twice per year)

  6. Material Handler Grade 4 and 5 (once per year)

  7. Signal Department Employees (twice per year)

  8. Line Track Department (twice per year)

  9. CARSS Operator Grade 4 (twice per year)

  10. All Janitors (twice per year)

Section 2. The right of selection of janitorial jobs will be granted twice a year (June and December). The dates on which these picks become effective shall coincide with the beginning of a payroll period. Once a year during the December pick, janitors shall have the opportunity to pick a job at any one of the following locations: Bus Operations, Revenue, Central Bus Equipment and Rail Operations. All “picks” shall be posted at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the pick.

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